29 February 2012


Hello you guys.
Okay, it's been sangat lama i didnt update blog ni. Whtevr, got lots of thinggy to do. Haha. Okay first thing, today is 29th Feb, RARE! Okay, why dengan date tuuu. I dont knw actually, just merapu je nk update. Lately ni, im not feeling so well. So yesterday i spent about 14hours stayed in my dark room. What to do, my kepala rasa macam nak pecah, i feel so so weak! Oh my Lord! seriously, i just need a long relax vacation. But, nak tunggu sem break lama lagi, and got to pulun2 for two assignment that need to be submit on the same time, same date. Whoooop. Its so double trouble. Aiyoyoyo. Whatevr it is, i'll try ass off to finish up all the assignments. So, till here people. Got thinggy to be done, and back to assignment thinggy. Chamak chalo. Hahaha.
Love and toodles

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