18 February 2013

18th February 2013

Oh hello. Today is unhappy day for me. I just out this smile to tutup all my sadness. Emmm. Harini dah 1year 6months my baby ip3gs hilang. RIP syg :'( seriously i'm too sad. But nothing can make me happy. And another thing, orang mulut manis. Serious menyampah. Sick of it. Now, tengah try to study for MP test tomorrow. Hush baby!! Need stuggle and lupakan all the craps yg berpusing kt kepala. Erhhh. Why all these things happen bila aku nk ada benda kena buat. Okay, biar aku belajar besabar kan. So that it will make everyone happy!! Ohh. I dont have any mood to type panjang2. So till here. Goodbye.

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